Financial Wellness powered by askAFS FAQ

Q. How may the Financial Wellness help members?
A. Periodically people need financial guidance and feel they have nowhere to turn; Financial Wellness is here to provide that guidance at no charge whenever the need arises. Financial Wellness helps members:

Q. What questions may members ask?
A. Members may ask questions covering almost any financial planning topic, everything from household debt and budgeting to retirement planning and saving for children's college education. Here are some questions that members frequently ask:

We also have a variety of planning tools members can use for quick calculations, such as a retirement planner, a Roth IRA planner, a college savings calculator, a 401(k) loan analyzer and many others. All are easy to use and easy to understand.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of questions asked?
A. No, members may ask as many questions, as often as they want.