Health Wealth Connection

Resources and information to help you manage your health and personal finances. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, relieve stress or depression, or reduce your credit card debt, Health Wealth Connection will help you reach your goals.  It’s like having a health coach, financial planner, nutritionist and counselor all in one place.


Health Wealth Connection FAQ

Q. How can this benefit help me?
A. Health Wealth Connection will educate you on prevention and conditions, identify what improvements to your health you'd like to make, and increase awareness around habits, emotions, and perceptions that can prevent you from making long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Q. What resources will I find on the website?
A. You’ll find in-depth articles from leading doctors and wellness practitioners, health assessments and recommended screenings for your age and gender, and lifestyle education focused on diet, exercise, stress, sleep and alternative therapies.