Z’port Food™ Illness Meal Plans

Food is a powerful component of the healing process.
What to fix for each day’s meals when you have an illness makes a difference.

Z’port Foods™ prepares you for the coming month meals. Chef Margaret’s meal plans offers you healthy, organic, delicious menus to aid in this healing process.

With over 25 years of experience, Chef Margaret has planned menus for diabetics, cancer and heart patients. She is aware that meal planning can be a daunting task when faced with the illness of a loved one...

Let her meal plans and recipes support you in achieving the best, most delicious meals for your daily nutritional needs.

Let Chef Margaret Z’port™ your food!

What you get:

  1. 90 Meal Plans and 30 Recipes a month for illness such as cancer, diabetes and coronary disease
  2. Recipes each day of the month are chosen by Chef Margaret so each day you will be able to follow the step by step process to fix a dish out of the meal plan that helps you.
  3. Labels on each recipe are provided to show the nutritional benefits for the recipe
Over the course of a 12 month subscription you receive over 360 recipes for nutritional food that Z’ports™ your efforts to prepare a balanced and nutritious meal for yourself or your loved one fighting disease.

Each month’s meal plans are delivered to your email, which you provided by signing up for the “Mom, You’re Not Alone™” plan.